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Webcomic Beacon 251 – I speak up about printing

December 11, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Books, Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, How-To Create Graphic Novels, Interviews, King Tractor Press, Manga, webcomic

Marie Tary (Evil Space Cat) and myself (King Tractor Press) talk shop with Fes Works.  It’s a two hour episode, but could easily have been four.  Topic is printing options for cartoonists! The printing environment is changing a lot and making it a lot easier for creators to get their books made; and made very professionally.  It was only 6-7 years ago that I started printing comics and it’s never been as easy as it is now, or cheap.  And if you’re a webcomic creator then you need to print some books otherwise you’re leaving money on the convention floor.  Hope you enjoy the Podcast.

Go check out the entire Podcast online or download via iTunes.


Shawn Granger


Ric’s Comics Episode 75: Shawn Granger – Ric and Shawn chat about everything but the Olympics

August 01, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Horror, Interviews, King Tractor Press, webcomic, Writing

From The Book Cave comes a new interview with loveable ol’ me. It’s really just a great chat between Ric Croxton and myself. Two old Missourians chatting about comics, pulps, and family.


Family Bones writer and publisher Shawn Granger returns to talk about his series going digital. Lots of helpful information for the small press publisher.

http://www.kingtractorpress.com. It’s available as a .pdf download directly from me. Or Family Bones can be found almost everywhere else (or soon will be).






Mr. Phelps Space Detective available on Amazon Kindle

July 11, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, King Tractor Press, sci-fi

Mr. Phelps Space Detective is now available on Amazon’s Kindle. Each issue in the comic book series Mr. Phelps Space Detectiveis now available on the Amazon Kindle format. Each issue of Mr. Phelps Space Detective is only .99 and Amazon Prime members can check out each book for free. A very good deal for those wanting to check out King Tractor Press books.

Mr. Phelps Space Detective comes out of the Gene Gardens series http://www.genegardens.com. If you’re curious about the connection and can’t wait for the webcomic to fill you in, I suggest you read the upcoming Gene Gardens short story. It will all become clear soon.

If you’re in San Diego this coming weekend I hope you’re having fun, if you’re not I hope you’re having even more fun.

Take care,


A happy fan girl expresses her love for King Tractor Press

May 21, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Videos


Webcomics updates in 2012.

February 07, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, Gossip, How-To Create Graphic Novels, Interviews, King Tractor Press, News, Oye!, sci-fi, webcomic, Writing

If you haven’t been paying attention, both Gene Gardens http://www.genegardens.com and Daddy’s Girls http://www.daddysgirlscomic.com are both updating on a regular basis this year.   Gene Gardens is my sci-fi action thriller and Daddy’s Girls is a bit more down-to-earth family humor.  Hopefully you’ve gotten to check them both out.

I’m working on a Podcast to compliment Daddy’s Girls, it should prove to be an interesting project.  My child is helping me with that when she isn’t studying her ABCs.


Hope all is well with you and yours.  Remember to have some fun!



From the Gene Gardens Blog 01/04/2012

January 04, 2012 By: MrGranger Category: Uncategorized

Happy New Year!  It’s already 2012…pretty crazy how fast time flies.  If you’re ten years old you might not think so, but after 30 the years feel more like months.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been creating comics since 2004.  Those eight years have gone by really fast.  It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun.  I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and there are a lot of people I owe a big “THANKS!” to.  So many other creators & artists have helped me learn the tricks of comic creating as well as showing true comradely friendship.  I was amazed from the beginning at how generous and joyous the comic community is.  Also a big “THANKS!!” to the readers that have followed my work.  From Innocent to Family Bones to those 2007 Comic Book Challenge Finals to Mr. Phelps Space Detective to Gene Gardens; plus all the other short stories & one-shots, there are a lot of you who come rain or shine.  I really, really appreciate it.  It would be difficult to continue to create comic books & web comics without that support.  Thank you. 

In 2012 I’ll be continuing work on Gene Gardens, keeping this a weekly comic is hard but it’s my goal.  Also I’ve started a personal side web comic project called Daddy’s Girls.  Daddy’s Girls is a change from my usual fare since it’s always safe-for-work & all-ages.  It’s not for kids per say, just not something you should worry about them reading.  Most of my work isn’t for the kiddies.  Besides the two web comics I’ve got an Innocent prose in the works as well as a southern gothic mystery novel.  I have also started another mystery horror book that had me thinking “Why hasn’t anyone ever written that?”  If I can squeeze it in this year, I will.  I’m not sure I’ll be getting to a couple true crime novels that I’ve got outlined, maybe for 2013.  They will require a lot of research and some traveling, I’m not sure I can do that this year.  But I’m always looking for a way to get to it.  And then there are a few original graphic novels that I’m looking at completing, including the long delayed Grey Shades story that was the 2007 Comic Book Challenge finalist. 

2012 might just be a very fun year. 



Links Alpha plug-in for all you WordPress

October 21, 2011 By: MrGranger Category: Uncategorized

Links Alpha has some easy to use plugins to post your blog to all the social media sites.  Check them out if you’re looking for social linking.

The downside is that it’s $5 a month for any real features.  But this works well if you’re a business and need to manage a lot of sites.  For individuals that don’t want to pay the $5 a month, it’s not a great deal.  But I have yet to find a good auto-post for more than one or two sites.

Automatic Publishing

Publish your RSS enabled website/blog automatically to social web


Easily publish to all your networks & tools from one place

Monsterpalooza 2011

April 27, 2011 By: MrGranger Category: Books, Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, Conventions, Films, Horror, King Tractor Press, News, Oye!

Check out some of the crazy pictures from King Tractor Press at Monsterpalooza 2011.  It was a lot of fun.


Elliot McConnell, Family Bones trailer contest 3rd Place Winner.

February 14, 2011 By: MrGranger Category: Books, Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, Contests, King Tractor Press, Oye!, Videos

Congrats to Elliot McConnell, he’s the 3rd place winner of the Family Bones video trailer contest.  A job very well done.

If you missed his trailer you can check it out still on youtube.


Marvel Buildable toys available at KTP store, 20% off sale for these discontinued toys.

January 21, 2011 By: MrGranger Category: Bargains, Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels, King Tractor Press, Toys

To celebrate my locating a dealer with a few more of these Marvel Buildable cases I’m sharing my luck with you. Until Feb. 28th (or the toys are gone) you can use MARVELBUILDS coupon for 20% off at checkout at the King Tractor Press shop. That is good for anything at the store within that time. But if I sell out of the Buildables before that then the discount will be gone as well.


These toys have been discontinued from the manufacturer and most distributors are out.  But I’ll keep hunting so that anyone who wants one can get one.  Or two.

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